As researchers shift to using metagenomics to better understand environmental processes, our results are only as meaningful as the ability to collaborate and build upon each other’s research through meticulous metadata records and thoughtful interpretation. AgroSeek aims at aiding in meaningfully interpreting environmentally-related metagenomics data, particularly in the context of important meta-data such as antibiotic occurrence and persistence, physico-chemical factors, and associated management practices. AgroSeek is user-driven and enhances metagenomics data exploration across multiple fields, sequencing platforms, and studies to efficiently compare metagenomics results. Building upon the metagenomics data analyses and interpretation from the shared annotations, we would like AgroSeek to be used to inform science-based regulation, policy, and practice for limiting the dissemination of resistance to the environment and through the food chain from farm to fork.

AgroSeek was built by research groups from Virginia Tech. This project is funded by USDA, grant number 2017-68003-26498.